Nox Audio Specialist Gaming Headset

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Nox Audio Specialist Gaming Headset

This is a fairly new addition to my collection.  They do work great for anyone who not only games but makes a lot of VoIP calls with your computer.  I often use Google Voice and Skype to make a lot of calls.  It is nice to use the headphones for just headphones but retracing the mike into the headphone piece.   You can never fully retract the the mike all the way as you can see in this picture.  The ear cushion part does not fully cover the ears so it does start to hurt after wearing them for a long time.  I do have to say that over all I am very happy with my purchase.  I do like how they come with a nice crying case.  They also work great on apple products that know how to interrupt revive the mike input, just like on a iPhone where you have headphones and a mike.  They also include a cable to split out the audio and mike for devices that have they separated out.

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